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 Call us now 02 8995261 or 09985823718 / 02 3981437 Since 2014 we have provided peace of mind through responsible service for all our clients Our Locksmith care is here for you. You will be met by a qualified locksmith who excels at residential services and will tackle any locksmith issues you have. As the first choice in expert residential locksmith services, you can trust in us!

As your Locksmith specialists we service any point of Metro Manila and nearby province



Lock Repairs

Lock Replacement

Digital Locks

Key Generation

Deadbolt Installs


New Home Purchase

Roommate Evictions

Lost Keys

Inoperable Keys

Real Estate Agent Special

Things you should know:

2,000,000 home burglaries each year.

66% of all burglaries are residential.

Highest percentage of burglaries occur during summer months and in the daytime.

Use a heavy duty deadbolt with a 1-inch throw bolt.

Use a quality knob-in-lock set with dead latch mechanism.

Use a heavy duty strike plate with 3-inch screws into the frame.

Whenever you move to a new house or apartment always change the door locks.

Once you have chosen 5 Aces Locksmith services you will join a community of satisfied customers that never need to look for another locksmith again.


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